Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools

Is this a joke? Nope - it really is snowing today. The state of Minnesota has a tourism campaign that is called "Explore Minnesota". I'm thinking I'd rather explore just about any other state than this one -
permanently. Today is 10+ days into what they officially call spring. Everyone gets spring fever, but after spending about 4+ months cooped up inside only to venture out to doctor appointments I have it BAD. My expectations are realistic, though. Even better than Vegas - we will be "exploring" Minneapolis in this fancy new stroller! This thing is going to get some serious miles this summer.

On a positive note, today is cousin Miya's very FIRST birthday! We are very sad that we had to miss her party but know we will get to see her soon as soon as we are released from house arrest. I speak/think as if that is a hard and fast date and at 12:01 on April 11th the boys will be completely immune to any and all communicable airborne illnesses. Ha!

Ben's cousin Curry and his wife Brooke had twins in December and last night I had a dream (I know - I also didn't think I was sleeping enough minutes in a row to actually dream but it happened). The dream was that we saw the twins for the first time and Brooke was telling me about how the first few days at home were a little busy but after that it has been a piece of cake. And how their twins sleep about 10 hours a night without waking up. Brooke and Curry - if you are reading this and it is true (or even half true), I DON'T want to know :)

We have made progress (hence the 'flurry' of posts this week). As of two days ago the boys started enjoying their swings. Thank you God! They enjoy them even better when they have their pacifiers. I'm not sure when they learn how to better keep them in their mouths but it is a full time job to keep two pacifiers in two boys' mouths. Is it bad that I've wondered if they make a 'baby friendly' tape that I could use to keep them in? As I write this paragraph I have replaced a pacifier about 8 times.



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  1. They are so darn cute! I love "keeping up with Schultes" from your family blog. Can't wait to see you guys!
    They have changed so much already...they are adorable. Got your announcement in the mail the other day....simply amazing! She did an awesome job on those photos!!!
    April 11th is right around the corner!! Tell the men in your life "hello" from us....Nichole, Marcus & Mac.


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