Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sleep is so overrated...

See - we sleep really well....on someones lap.

On Friday the boys turned 7 weeks old (2 weeks old, adjusted). I am convinced parenting back in the 'olden days' was much easier. Before the days of the influence of the Internet, parenting books, 'studies', and the unavoidable tendency to over analyze EVERYTHING. With that said, I am currently reading two books about sleeping. Books to ensure babies get enough rest and sleep through the night as soon as possible. I desperately want these two little rugrats to be good sleepers. One of the books promotes a well rested family not just a well rested baby. I assume that means sleeping in the chair with a baby all night isn't recommended...

I am hoping the unfinished chapters of the books are more enlightening than the finished chapters. Last night I got up to calm Mason down no fewer than 15 times.  He instantly stopped crying (all 15 times) as soon as he heard my voice and saw my sleepy face. So it wasn't that he was hungry. By the 15th I sensed the pattern that my effort to soothe him was going to last just long enough for me to crawl back into bed under the covers, close my eyes, and sigh. So the 15th time we ended up sleeping together in the chair.

I haven't given up on the books yet...mainly because one of the books says that preemies go through a phase around the 5-8 week mark in which they are just unsettled. I started noticing it the week before last - the week Cara was here. They were not as settled during the day in between naps. Hopefully it gets better soon.

Wish us luck!

Who...us? What'd we do?

Gus - our 15 pound "lap" dog.

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  1. K-

    You're a lot more persistent than I was...After 5 or 6 times they came to sleep with me:) They'll get it...eventually. We finally let Mya cry it out. Took 7 days, but the last 2 nights she has slept through the night. I wouldn't wait as long as we did, but now is too early too. My sister in law Amanda read a book called the Baby Whisperer and that method worked awesome for Olivia. We read Healthy Sleep Habits, happy child. I thought it was a great book. Got some helpful hints for Max too and now he sleeps 12-13 hours at night. Good Luck!! I promise, they eventually do go to sleep and stay sleeping:)


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