Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Bunny

I took the boys to meet the Easter Bunny last week for the first time. He was hiding, but we finally found him. (He wasn't at the first mall I checked).

I was 150% certain they would cry. I was right. Prior was terrified, Mason was just unsure but started crying because his Brother was. And hey, it seemed like the thing to do. It may have been the grip that bunny had on the boys. There's no way they were getting off of his lap!

But it was still fun and they talked about him for days. 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

"On Decorah"

On Saturday we proudly wore our Decorah Vikings gear while we enjoyed the spring weather. 

We also celebrated the end of busy season for Dad.


We fired up the boys' mower. 

For some reason I thought it was a good idea to only buy one of these. Based on how today went I will likely be purchasing another.

Gus likes being outside too.

Mason watching Dad run the snowblower out of gas. It's safe to do that, right!??!


How grown up does Prior look here with his hands in his pockets and that smirk on his face?! I'm in trouble!

Enjoying some lemon water.
There's that cheesy smile I was talking about earlier.

This is Mason. Some may say he gets this look from his mama.

Mason again. He looks uncharacteristically innocent here.

Mr. P

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pete And Repeat

I learned one of my faaaavorite jokes from my Grandpa Rude. I can still remember him telling us grandkids this joke while we sat on the “davenport”. 

The joke went like this:

“Pete and Repeat were in a boat. Pete fell out. Who was left?”


I feel like I am LIVING this joke each day of my life…and it is so much FUN!

The boys are in full REPEAT mode. Anything and everything that you say gets repeated. (Including swear words, in case you were wondering).

When I call home from work during the day to talk to Noi and the boys it’s difficult to talk to Noi because they are repeating every other word that either of us say. I wish I had it recorded. It’s pretty funny!

Kristin: “Noi, how are the boys?”

Prior: “Boys”

Mason: “Boys”

Noi: “They are good boys today”

Prior: “Today!”

Mason: “Today!”

And so on….

P&M are big fans of their sunglasses. They like to keep them on whenever we go places. Here they are checking out the mowers at Lowe's. In their shades.

When They Both Want the Green Socks

This morning I asked P&M who wanted the red socks and who wanted the green socks. They both wanted the green ones. So they ended up with one of each - everyone is happy!

People wonder why they are always dressed alike - this is why!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Grandma's Coffee

We have a coffee maker that we keep in a cupboard and get out when we have guests that drink coffee. 10 times out of 10, this is when Grandma Julie comes to visit. I think the boys saw her use it once and from that moment on it's always been "Grandma's Coffee". The memory of a two year old amazes me multiple times a day. It's incredible!

Non-toys are often times more fun than real toys, right!?

(The boys got these sweet racecar t-shirts from their great-uncle Buzz at my baby shower. We waited a long time and they finally fit!)

Sunday, April 3, 2011


The boys' obsession with oranges ("oh-nanges" as pronounced by P&M) is deserving of it's own post. 

P&M have always loved fruit so it's not a huge surprise that in the winter months when fresh fruit is scarce, we turn to the little 'cutie' oranges. We currently go through 9 pounds of them a week (3, 3 pound bags). Granted, it's not just P&M that eat them, but still...they're not free.

They don't just eat them. They carry them around everywhere they go. Ben calls them  stress balls for 2 year-olds. 

The boys constantly have an orange in one hand. It's funny when they're trying to do something that requires two hands with just one (because they have an orange in their hand and don't want to set it down). Like riding the toy horse in the basement, pushing around their toy vacuum, or pushing their toy lawn mower. I've even seen one of them try to hit the ball off the tee with one hand while holding an orange in the other. 

Huge surprise - my boys are special!!


(P) - side note: it's physically impossible for the boys to not unravel the toilet paper while sitting on the potty. Impossible.

(M/P) - I love how the cheesy smiles have already started.

I've also found these little oranges just about everywhere: the tub, drawers, clothes baskets, my bed, my name it. 

They carry the oranges around around and eventually they sit down and peel it and eat it. It's pretty funny stuff!
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