Sunday, April 12, 2009

Our First Easter

Happy Easter! I must say that it is pretty neat to get to share all of the boys' "firsts" with them. Absolutely everything is new to them and it is a blast. It truly is the little things in life.

Today their firsts also included church and a restaurant. All of which were experienced meltdown-free. Both boys were being good at church and I looked over at Ben (who was two car seats in the pew away) and he mouthed the words "borrowed time". I laughed. There will be plenty of other opportunities for tantrums in the months/years to come. One woman looked at me and asked if they were twins. I thought to myself - do the math, lady! If you think I popped out two kids (both of which are the exact same size and dressed alike) at two different times in the last 20 months you're insane!

Thank you to all of the Easter Bunnies that helped make Prior and Mason's first Easter a spoiled success! Ben says the boys would get beat up if they wore these sweaters to school so I'll have to get my fill of "cute" stuff when they're little...

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