Sunday, October 31, 2010

Curious George (pl.) and the Man in the Yellow Hat

We spent Halloween weekend in Iowa - costumes and all. The boys learned very quickly what "candy" is. They were even able to get a little taste by chewing through some of the wrappers. I know, I'm such a mean mom. The weather was great and we had a blast in Ankeny. My camera battery was dead so I relied on my backup photographer, Noi. But with 6 kiddos under 6 years old, we didn't get any group shots of the cousins - bummer! The boys had a blast playing with their cousins this weekend!

Oh - and like the glasses? I'm getting lasik this week!!

Prior - the Man - Mason

Mommy and Mason

Trick-or-treated out.

Mason with his stash...that mommy and daddy ate.

Mason and Noi

Thank goodness for the wagon!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thankfully family pictures were last weekend...

What a great weekend! We traveled south - first stopping in Rochester. We watched auntie Cara coach her 9th grade volleyball team at a tournament, had lunch with Cara, Cory, and Grandma Julie, and got to see my friend Kristi's new place. Then we headed further south to Decorah. We had dinner with Grandma Julie and Great-Grandma Wall. And on Sunday we went to brunch to celebrate Grandpa Don's birthday.

I didn't do a very good job of taking pictures, but did get a few on the trampoline at Grandpa Don's. The boys freakin' love that thing... And it was so funny to see all of their hair sticking up. I know...I know...some of you have strong feelings about me cutting their hair.

So Prior tripped over his own two feet while we were at Cara's volleyball tournament and obviously didn't catch himself before he scraped up his nose. He was pretty tough - no real tears. These pictures were taken before Prior intentionally jumped headfirst off the couch once we got home on Sunday night and peeled a big chunk of skin off his nose. Seriously!? It looks much worse now. Thankfully we took family pictures last weekend!
Prior and his mile-high mullet

The side view


Mason - mid JUMP!
Here's to many more of the "minor" injuries!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Most days it feels like there are four of them...

The boys discovered how to crawl up on the toilet and reach for the faucet long ago. They've just been patiently awaiting until they were tall enough to turn the water on and off.

That time has come.

[As a side note, the excitement associated with getting into trouble is somewhat frightening.]

This picture describes our life: little boys getting into trouble. And most days it feels like there are four of them...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

On Saturday we went to the Edina Realty pumpkin patch party. The boys dressed up as Elmo (thanks Auntie Cara!). They don't love the Elmo costumes so when I was able to get them on while we were still at home I didn't want to take them off before the party. So they had to ride in their car seats with them on. I guess the hood part of the costume (i.e. Elmo's head) was kind of in the way. I couldn't help but laugh! Poor Prior is just trying to watch the Elmo DVD but Elmo's head is in the way!

As you can see, the boys aren't exactly thrilled in this picture. It may have had something to do with the long sleeved shirt, the pants, and the Elmo snowsuit on a gorgeous 85 degree Minnesota day. They know better than to complain, though. Complaining about the heat in MN is against the law - especially in October!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Missing: Remotes

In the master bedroom we have 2 remotes. One for the ceiling fan and one for the tv. One day, both remotes went missing. To be honest, this happens almost daily. There is no drawer, dresser, or bed that is safe from Jungle Jim 1 and 2. So when the remotes were missing on Saturday, we checked all of the usual places (i.e. any other room in the house, under the bed, under the covers, the closet, dresser drawers, laundry, etc.) No luck. The remotes (again, not one but both) were officially missing.

And then it came time to empty the diaper champ.

And guess what was inside!?

Two remotes (thankfully they were on top).

I wonder what else "we've" thrown away over the last six months?!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stirred not Shaken

Apparently Gus likes his water stirred. Mason is so helpful!
(I'll spare you the pictures of the time(s) we caught the boys eating his food.)
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