Saturday, April 4, 2009


Friday afternoon Ben got home from work a little early. He came in the house and told me (with a smirk) that there was a surprise for me in the car. I was confused because I wasn't expecting a surprise and since the presents I got when the boys were born were for the next 7 holidays I knew it was entirely too soon for more presents. I cautiously went out to the car and found out that my good friend Theresa from New York had flown in to meet the boys, spend the weekend with us...and to see Britney of course! I was so surprised (and shocked since she was hiding under a blanket in the back seat). It was so fun for her to meet Prior and Mason and to spend time with her!! Here are some pictures from our reenactment of the surprise.

The concert was great. I've never seen so many females in one place in my entire life. We concluded that we were only about 7 years above the average age of an estimated 22 at the concert. I did get a t-shirt. It's black with red glitter and says "you wanna piece of me". Classy.

Theresa & Kristin

Kristin, Kristi and Katie

Britney and her dancers. She is a slightly better dancer than I am...

Funny Story. So I took the pump with me to the concert. The look on the security guy's face when I told him that it actually wasn't a cooler of beer in the bag I was carrying but rather a breast pump - was completely priceless. The best part of the story is that I lugged that heavy bag all the way there and forgot the damn attachments...


  1. Sorry to laugh at your expense, but that pump story is hilarious. I can relate first day back at work after having Max, I forgot the lids to the bottles, so I had to borrow something from the school cooks to put my milk in! Really sanitary, huh:) glad the concert was fun and I hope you weren't in too much pain from not pumping!

  2. Too funny :) I couldn't even count how many times I have forgotten something essential for pumping (lids, containers, attachments) Doesn't work really well without all the stuff :)Meredith


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