Saturday, November 27, 2010

Transition Time

Remember these innocent little baby beds?

[big sigh]

They're not cuttin' it anymore.

My "babies" are now monkeys.

Any guesses on who the ringleader is?

This guy.


The sleep sacks have always had numerous benefits. They now have one less.

They no longer keep my [little tiny innocent baby] boys in their cribs.

We knew this time was coming, but hoped it wasn't for a long long time.

The video monitor has come in very handy. To A) see how they escape; and B) see when they escape.

There is no loud "thud". It's fast and silent. It looks so fluid and effortless. Reminds me of the way my dad parallel parks.

And before you know it, the room is turned upside down and inside out.

So Ben and I started thinking about big boy beds. This was really tough! If my boys are in cribs, they're still babies. Big boy beds? I'm not ready. But since Mason decided otherwise, I picked out two beds from IKEA.

Hauled them home. (Thank goodness for the Tahoe).

Spent hours putting one together.

The boys played on it like a jungle gym.

Ben asked if we should put the other one together.

I said no.

He asked why.

I said because I decided I didn't like it. (It clearly was designed as a bed. Not a piece of playground equipment). 

The last thing we need in that bedroom is playground equipment.

That didn't go over very well.

But I won he agreed and we took it apart (with the help of two little boys).
If it was up to me...

the bed would have been in between one and three pieces (the minimum number of pieces required to somehow get it in the car to return it).

But - everyone's different.

So Ben decided to put it back in it's original box.

Who does that? 

Nothing ever goes back into it's original packaging. Except, I guess, beds from IKEA.

Good news! 

The beds were successfully returned. I found another option and the order has been placed. Thankfully, delivery and installation is included. More details and pictures once it arrives!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mini Mom-cation

Lots to catch up on! I hope to make some time for that this weekend - in between eating, of course.

Very quickly - I got together with my college roomies last weekend for our annual girls weekend. Julie, Andi, and Jenny. We had suuuuuch a great time. Spent lots of money, shared lots of laughs, talked lots of girl talk, and even went out on the town! Just like old times. Well, kinda.

Could these girls be any cuter!?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Call off the DNA testing

The boys have always been easy for me to tell apart. Granted, sometimes I have to look closely, but I am never not sure for more than a second or two. And I'm pretty good with telling them apart in pictures, too.

But if there was any question as to whether they are fraternal or identical, I think these pictures taken by ATP clear things up. No DNA testing needed!!

(We do know for sure that they are identical).

Quick story on this topic:

So last week after work the boys were running around our bedroom at about a mile a minute. Mason tripped, fell, and started crying. Prior saw it happen and instantly dropped to the ground and started fake-crying too.

And we have seen a few instances of this copycatting since then.

Kind of hard not to laugh...this twin thing is so much fun!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


The boys are saying everything these days. Variations of the word "help" get used frequently.

Like when the boys unfold all of the laundry that I just folded, they say "helping".

When they want help opening a closet that they're not supposed to be in...or when they're trying to climb up onto the island in the kitchen - they say "help please".

On Friday night we drove back to Dedham to see Grandma and Grandpa Schultes and uncle Jacob.

The boys demonstrated their helpfulness by finding a good movie to watch.

So helpful!
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