Sunday, April 26, 2009

11 Weeks



Life is Good - Prior

Life is Good - Mason

The boys turned 11 weeks on Friday! One week closer to 12 weeks...and we all know what that means. I am looking forward to being back at work and into a routine but very much dreading the transition period as I know it will involve lots of tears. Hey - I'm allowed twice as many, right?! 

Life isn't fair - I know that...but why is it that right when they are starting to do fun things it is time to go back to work?!

The boys have been extremely good babies. They are sleeping well, napping well, eating well, and very cuddly. I am having a blast.

Tanja has met several other au pairs already - two of which are from Serbia and Bosnia. The culture/language/etc. is very similar to Serbia so she is very excited about that. They both drive which is great because Tanja doesn't and they are also very close (St. Louis Park area). It really is a small world.

Tanja and Mason

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  1. You're allowed twice as many tears, but I think you should be allowed twice as long of a maternity leave too! You should ask your boss about that...:) Enjoy your week home. You'll be fine when you go back. It will be nice to interact with adults and then get to see those smiley faces when you come home!


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