Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Sunday Paper



There's something about the Sunday paper that I've always loved. Top it off with some egg bake, my favorite 'fast blast' drink, and a nap and life is good! (None of which happened on this particular Sunday!)

Last weekend Noi had a friend, Tida, over. Tida just came to the US last month from Thailand and is an au pair for the boys' friends Ben and Will.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Camp Smile

This week the boys made their very first trip to the dentist, aka "Camp Smile". While they wanted nothing to do with some crazy lady looking at their pearly whites, they didn't do too bad. The good news is that their teeth look great. The dentist said we should come back in 6 months and each of the boys would likely have between 2 and 6 more teeth. Mason has been drooling by the bucket load so that doesn't surprise me. Hopefully these boys have their dad's teeth. Never had braces or a cavity. How lucky is that?

Prior posed with his "tooth" pinwheel the dentist gave him. Little Mase has a fever from his 15 month shots he got last week (a post is coming with their stats). So, he wasn't in the mood for pictures.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our New Cousin, Abby

This weekend we headed south again. This time to Ankeny to visit our new niece/cousin, Abby, who was born on May 6th. She is such a little peanut! I cannot believe that my boys were ever that small (and they were even smaller!) She's just adorable and we were so glad to be able to see her. She's also such a good baby (I also don't think my boys were that good, either!) The boys didn't seem to mind when I was holding her. I guess that means they are ready to be big brothers - NOT!


On Saturday morning we went to watch Kennedy's soccer game. The weather was fantastic and the boys loved running around.

Go Kennedy!

Wait for us, Dad!

On Saturday afternoon we went to Ben's cousin, Alicia's, high school graduation party. The first thing Mom did when she arrived at the party was grabbed a beer. A shiny cold can was exactly what the boys wanted as well. So they each got their own cold one, unopened of course. They carried it around all afternoon. By the time we left, the beers were very warm and they each had hundreds of dents in them from being dropped. Who needs toys? 

Ben with his brother-in-laws, Brent and Jason.

By this time, Ben was telling me to put the camera away.

Believe it or not, long car rides make for grumpy boys. So I ended up in the way back of the truck to entertain. It worked! (Prior...and you can see his 7th tooth coming in!)


Sunday, May 16, 2010

4 Bananas

I did not win any mother-of-the-year awards this Mother's Day! On Sunday morning, the boys had breakfast and I ate brunch a bit later. We then took our time packing up the bus, spent some time with Grandma and then some time with Grandpa, too, before we got in the car to head back home. (Dad was in New Orleans). The boys instantly fell asleep in the car. I didn't want to stop, but was feeling a bit sleepy so we stopped at Kwik Star so I could get something to drink. [At this point, the thought of lunch had not even crossed my mind.] 

Shortly after stopping, the boys woke up. They started yelling from the back seat. 

Not crying, yelling. 

I then realized it was because it was 2:00 and I had completely forgotten to feed my children lunch. Not only had I forgotten to feed them lunch, I had failed to plan for eating lunch on the road.

Noi asked me if I had crackers, cheerios, anything!?! I had nothing. 

But wait! I did have something. I had just (luckily, but not purposefully) purchased bananas at Kwik Star. So Noi crawled in the backseat with the intention of feeding the boys a banana to hold them over until we were home.

The first banana was gone in a matter of seconds.

She peeled the next. That one was gone just as fast as the first. 

Noi crawled back up to the front seat. Surely two bananas (one banana each) was plenty to last until we made it home. 

But the "Mom I'm still starving" yelling continued from the back seat. I hesitated, but decided Noi would crawl back into the backseat and give them just one more banana. Only that one final banana turned into yet another.


These boys ate four bananas in only a matter of minutes! Impressive!

The next thoughts to go through my mind included: 1) when is the next time I will possibly see a dirty diaper? and 2) visions of the amount of food we'll go through once these boys are in high school (or pre-school, for that matter).

Boys: I promise to be a better mom next time we go on a road trip! 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Maim's Day

(My boys often refer to me as "maim"). 

The boys and I celebrated Mother's Day in Decorah while Ben celebrated Tyler's bachelor party in New Orleans. We had a great weekend! With the exception of Sunday morning before we left town, the weather was terrible - cold and rainy, but we still had a great time. I even got some mommy time - Jess cut and colored my hair while Grandma watched the boys. I was in heaven! I think the boys knew it was Mother's Day - they woke up extra extra early on Saturday and Sunday morning so they could spend just as much time with me as possible! Thank you boys! Grandma Julie had successfully baby-proofed her antique store as much as she possibly could have. And guess what!? The boys didn't even break anything! Whew!

Maim and Prior

Mason has learned how to play "peek-a-boo" himself and he'll cover his own eyes - so cute!

Mason running!

P looking forward to nap time.

Mason playing in (and trying to eat) the rocks. Yes, that is dirt flavored drool running down his chin.
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