Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mom - you're doing WHAT?!

This was the look on Prior's face when I told him I was going back to work soon... I'm not sure what is cuter - the big bottom lip or the neck rolls!

And you'll be there HOW many hours?!

Mom - when you're working hard at the office, I'll be working hard too. I need my beauty sleep! (Prior)

This was the look on Mason's face when I told him he gets to meet his cousins this weekend for the FIRST time! The boys are being baptized this weekend and so we are very excited to have everyone up to our house to see the boys again! The boys loved Miya's chair so much we had to buy another one. We got this one from a fellow mother of multiples - a family with triplets.


  1. Watch out Prior and Mason! Your cousin Alli is looking for some kisses!

    I am so excited to see these guys! I can't believe how big they are getting! See you this weekend!

    Love, the Mackes

  2. So glad our Triplets Bumbo Chair went to 2 adorable little guys...and actually made the Blog! Hopefully giving Mom and Dad some hands free time! Good Luck going back to work, the first 2 days are the worst. Then it is like you never left. Bring kleenex, yet it truly does get easier. Take Care, Kate Wegleitner

  3. I constantly check in to see how your little men are doing and they are adorable as ever! I've loved watching them grow and hearing all of your stories/insights into raising TWO babies! You are doing an amazing job! I'm trying to learn as much as I can prior to September! Looking forward to meeting them and you someday soon!
    Suz (Kridi's friend)


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