Tuesday, April 7, 2009

2 Months Old

Yesterday (the 6th) the boys turned 2 months old. They are growing so fast and are getting cuter and cuter by the minute. I will regret writing this - but we have now had 5 consecutive nights where they've slept very well in between feedings. They went right back to sleep after eating - and even in their crib. They are going anywhere from about 3 to 4 hours on average. They still absolutely love (and demand) to be held during the day and I think they have been going through a growth spurt because yesterday and today they've done little but eat.

Yesterday the three of us had a little talk. I explained that waiting to shower until Dad gets home each night isn't working and they were going to have to let me shower during the day. I thought we had an understanding but I was wrong. So they spent a long ten minutes in their crib impatiently waiting for me to shower. That reminds me - Oprah yesterday was excellent. It was about motherhood and I would highly recommend it to everyone if you can get your hands on it. Maybe you can watch it online. It also featured a woman whose blog I regularly follow (www.dooce.com). We have similar humor I think.

Today the nurse came to the house again to give the boys their April dose of Synagis (for RSV). The last shot of the season. There were some real tears shed - here's what Mason thought about the shot:

The dosage they receive is based on their weight so she had a scale to weigh them. Prior weighs 9# 8 ounces and Mason weighs 9# 4 ounces and were both 22 inches long. They each gained about 2.5 pounds in just one month. When you are b-feeding you never know how much they are getting. I guess the answer to that question is - enough!

We go in tomorrow for their 2 month well check so we'll get the official weights and percentiles at that time...as well as more shots I assume.

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