Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More needles

Ben stayed home this morning and worked on our money pit (the basement) which is currently 3 months over schedule and I won't mention how many dollars over budget. We have finally admitted that Tanja will have to sleep in the bedroom upstairs until this project is complete.

This afternoon we stopped by the church to talk to them about baptism and we're set for Sunday May 3rd. We then headed to the hospital to drop off the boys' preemie outfits and onesies to donate to the NICU. It was great to see the nurses and it felt good to know that other babies get to use the outfits. I know how much fun it is to dress two little boys alike so I am hoping that twin boys get to use them in the NICU. After that it was to the clinic for their 2 month well baby check up. The boys did very well at their appointment. Here are their "stats" and the percentiles compared to other 2 month olds. 

Weight - 9# 10.5 oz (10%)
Height -  22 1/4 inches (25%)
Head -    38.4 cm (10-25%)

Weight - 9# 6 oz (10%)
Height - 22 1/4 inches (25%)
Head -  38.0 cm (10%)

They each had to have 3 more shots today - more tears. How do you not cry when your babies are getting 3 shots? That's 6 screams (3 from each baby). Impossible not to cry! They have nearly doubled their size in just 8 weeks - that's impressive.

After the doctor we made our first trip to Target with the boys. Another example of how much more challenging two can be. Two infant car seats don't fit in a cart so they have to stay in their special stroller. And one can't push that stroller as well as a shopping cart so it is a good thing Ben was along. I have a feeling that might be their last trip to Target for a long while.

We heard from Tanja today and she arrived in NY! Yesterday she got to see Times Square. We are getting excited for her arrival on Friday night.

On top of everything else we had going on last weekend I forgot to mention that we also had Grandma and Great-Grandma Schultes in town from Iowa. It was great that the boys got to meet their Great-Grandma Schultes. She makes it look so easy...

Great-Grandma Schultes

Look at our CHUBBY cheeks!

Back by popular demand...another poopy picture. Our first "blow out". From what other mommies tell me this is the first of many...


  1. Alli will be excited to see another poopy picture! Every time we look at the blog, she wants to see Mason's poop!
    Can't wait to see the little guys again!
    Love, the Mackes

  2. Cousin Miya wants to tell the boys that blowout is nothing. Call me when it gets to your neck. When moommy and daddy bring you to the bath immediately then you know you have a winner!

    Love cousin Miya


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