Friday, April 3, 2009


A smile? Not yet...

Growing up, I did a lot of babysitting and was always very partial to babies. They are so small, cute and cuddly. Now that I have two of my own I can see why parents are eager for the older stages. I devote 150% of my time and energy to these little guys and it wears on you when you're not getting anything in return. Not even a smile yet! I think they are very close (thank goodness). This period of waiting is probably a little longer for us since they were preemies. I did get a smile from P earlier in the week that I thought might have been real but I haven't seen one since so I'm holding out the official announcement. They are starting to focus on faces very well. In fact, I was holding Prior and Ben was telling him goodbye and Prior followed him with his eyes as he walked away. That makes me happy! I know what will happen though - when they are both running around the house screaming and/or scheming against us I will MISS these days!

Here are a few more pictures from this week. I must say that some of the best advice I got before these boys were born was to buy an SLR camera. In fact - I suggest it instead of a video camera. I love taking pictures (ask Beth about when I took 176 at her bachelorette party). And this camera takes such great pictures compared to my point-and-shoot Canon that I have. The biggest difference I notice is during the daytime in natural light. The digital point-and-shoot is still great for short videos.

10 points to anyone who understands the title of the post...The boys slept very well last night so the creative juices are flowing today!



Mom says we're in a recession and times are tough so we have to share a bouncy seat...

Our "straight-jackets" as we call them. With arms as long as ours they need to be contained or they wake us up!

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  1. I could use 10 points so I'm going to give it a whirl. The SLR is in reference to the camera and the "me ASAP" is in reference to the old PBR commercials. You are in need of a beer? Actually I have no creative juices flowing today so that sounds not right...

    Have fun at the concert! Sing as loud as you can. And..I'm going to guess you are 15 years older than the median age.


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