Monday, April 20, 2009

3rd Mortgage?

Boys - when you are reading this someday let it be known that unless you find yourself a baseball or academic scholarship of some sort, you will be attending a state school. Your mom and dad both attended state schools and turned out just fine. Last week I met with a financial planner. The average cost of state college for one year today is approximately $18k. The average cost of a private college in todays dollars is approximately $38k. Seriously. Seriously?

So he ran some numbers assuming a 5% annual increase in tuition and apparently if we start saving today we need to put away approximately $1,000 per month so these boys have enough money to attend a state school (not a private school) for four years. Hello - that is 18 years away! 

If these boys could talk they would probably tell me that a onesie, sleeper, fleece coat with hood, and a hat is plenty of gear for a walk on 60 degree day. 

Still here...still not very interested...

No, we did not get a cat. 


  1. Hi Gussie. I see you made the blog today. I know that your mom is so busy with those boys that she fails to remember what you are interested in. I can cleary see from the fact that you are napping that you had a busy day protecting the house, watching for birds and squirrels and going on a walk. Oh yea - and hopefully you provided a little background noise by whining. Doesn't she realize how exhausting whining can be. It's much like when those boys cry and it puts them to sleep for hours. Let me know when you want to come play at my house and my mom will come pick you up! Your friend Tucker.

  2. Kristin--this post was not good news for me. I'd like my two little hooligans to go to Luther, so does that mean I need a 4th mortgage??? Not good. I think I should start looking for work...


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