Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy February!

Happy first day of February! I couldn't tell you if it's nice out or 'warm' out but at least the sun is shining here! Obviously this February is extra special, but I have always loved the first day of February. January is always 'blah' and gloomy and in February it seems like there are more sunny days and there's a light at the end of this dark tunnel they call winter. And for those of us that live in Minnesota that tunnel is about 2-3 weeks longer than those of you in southern Iowa! I guess the fact that it is my birthday month (and Gussie's too) makes it special too. There are actually quite a few family birthdays in February, including Ben's niece Kennedy (2/15) and brother-in-law Jason (2/9) as well as several others. The brothers might end up sharing their birthday with more than just each other!

We all hoped I could make it until February and I've made it! I have, however, crossed over from being uncomfortable to what I would officially call miserable. I think they each have both feet lodged under my rib cage - it is sore to the touch and taking in a full deep breath is no longer an option. Bathroom breaks occur every 1 1/2 to 2 hours in the middle of the night and rarely fall at the same time as when my watch alarm goes off to take my medicine which is every 3 hours. I know those of you with kids are thinking that it is a good taste of what life will be like after they are born but we'll see. In my fantasy world I still think I will be able to get more than 1-2 hours of sleep in a row!

I continue to be spoiled, which will probably be evident at the next weigh-in. On Thursday night Katie, Odie and baby Carson came over with take-out from one of my favorite places - Redstone!! Gus thought Carson would want kisses on his face every 3 seconds (sorry again Katie).  He is going to be in for a surprise...

Yesterday Jen brought me Noodles for lunch and we spent the afternoon just chatting which was really nice!

Today Ben is going to wash up a bunch of the baby stuff, including a few outfits. He just went to wash his car and for everyone that has commented on our oven - he cleaned that this morning as well!! We've only lived here about 4 years - does an oven really need to be cleaned that often!?!?

After today...only 7 more days left of bedrest! I need to start my Target list...

Now I need a about our trip to San Juan in September 2007. I was there for work and Ben came out for the weekend.  On Saturday we took a day-long cataraman trip and went snorkeling. It was Ben's first snorkeling experience and it was a blast! The free pinneaple-rum drinks were fantastic. 

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