Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Gus !

Today is Gus' 4th birthday! Today Gus gets to do whatever he wants....oh wait - that is every day! Gus got a peanut butter carrot cake (salmonella-free of course) for his birthday and boy was he excited! He only gets people food when it gets "spilled" so this was clearly the highlight of his day. His friend Tucker turned 2 earlier this week so he might even get another party this weekend....with more cake!

I continue to have strong regular contractions at night which makes it very hard to get any sleep. It is weird how they slow down during the day but the doctor says that is normal. Everyone tells me I should nap during the day, but there there is something about spending the entire day in bed for eight straight weeks that takes the appeal out of an afternoon nap. 

Four more days of bed rest.  I am quickly understanding what the doctor meant about not "feeling" like doing much but I still plan to forge ahead with my plan to get my hair cut and go to Target. Kristi hopes I find everything I need at the "dollar spot" as she doesn't think I'll make it much past the front of the store! 

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