Friday, February 27, 2009

Three Weeks Old!

Happy 3-week Birthday Prior and Mason!

In some respects it feels like last night that we headed to the hospital thinking a shot of something would stop the contractions...In other respects I feel like Prior and Mason have been with us for years. I look back to the first pictures of the boys and can't believe how much they have changed already.

Here's something I find interesting (almost like an illusion). I honestly feel like all I do is sleep. How is that possible? Well - I guess it is because I do sleep often but not for very long. I am feeling guilty that all I do is sleep and not getting anything else done!!! I think that is probably reality?!

The boys are definitely very similar but are already starting to differentiate themselves. These are probably just "stages" and it will change in a weeks time but I wanted to write a few of them down so I don't forget them.

  • No matter which "side" he's eating on, he takes his very long arm closest to his brother and puts his entire fist or open hand directly in Mason's face. Happens every time.
  • Prior burps very loud and after every meal
  • He's definitely more calm and it he does not get very worked up easily.
  • Prior's coloring is still lighter than Mason's and their heads are still shaped differently but both of these will change with time.


  • Mason is a little less patient than Prior. When we wake him up to eat he reminds us that he is starving, not hungry, and would have preferred to eat like 10 minutes ago. He also doesn't have the patience for a bath or changing the dressing on his leg - he just wants to eat...NOW!
  • Mason has the same amount of gas as his just comes from the other end. You can essentially be sleep walking in the middle of the night trying to change him and his toots will make you burst out laughing!
  • Mason LOVES his pacifier...while Prior could take it or leave it.
Here's a video (as requested by Kelsey!) of Prior after a snack:


Prior with his thumb in his mouth.

Mason cuddling with Grandma Julie.

Mason cuddling with Mom.

Prior with his plugger.


  1. I'm still loving your new camera and the wrinkles in Prior's head. Thanks for sharing. You and Ben are natural parents. Can't wait for the next 3 weeks as they double their age!

  2. That are soooooo adorable! Can't wait to see you all soon!



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