Sunday, February 8, 2009

Prior Benjamin Schultes

This is Prior on Saturday - just one day old.  He LOVES to rest and sleep with one or two arms above his head. Just like his Grandpa Rude. Prior wanted to be the first one out and he wants to be the first one to go home. He knows he has to eat well in order to go home and he has picked up on how to nurse very quickly. 

This is Prior on Sunday. He is doing excellent. He is never setting off any of his monitors so at this point as soon as he has the eating thing figured out and starts gaining weight he will be ready to go home. When he was first born he didn't have the best coloring (he was pretty pale) but has since gotten a lot better. I think he looks a lot like Ben in this picture. He also has very long arms like Ben and a long torso like me. We assume Mason is the same but have only been able to hold him briefly once.

Prior is definitely a cuddlebug and it is so hard to put him down after I hold him to feed him. On Saturday I got to hold him once and feed him once. Today I have fed him five times and will do so every few hours going forward since he's doing so well with it. He is so precious. Prior was showing signs of being anemic so the doctor thinks there was some form of acute twin-to-twin transfusion at the time of delivery. Nothing to worry about but he will need some extra iron. We are just so blessed that there were not issues with TT transfusion earlier in the pregnancy.

The boys have already gotten to meet many of their loving relatives and friends. If they were only awake to see how popular they are! Kristi and Amy were their first visitors on Friday night. They saved the day actually because we didn't bring anything with us to the hospital on Friday. We arrived at around 6:00 and they were born by 8:00 so Kristi rushed over to the hospital with cameras. Grandpa and Grandma Rude came up for most of the weekend. They were in the car minutes after getting the call! And auntie Cara hopped on a last minute flight yesterday all the way from Phoenix. Grandma and Grandpa Schultes, uncle Jacob and aunt and uncle Gina and Jason and cousin Miya came yesterday for the weekend as well. I can't wait until everyone can hold them - that is, if I am able to ever put them down!

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  1. That picture of Ben with one of the boys puts into perspective how little they are! In the other pictures, they don't look that small! I'm glad they are continually improving. I hope that little Mason starts to eat soon...once he gets it, he won't want to stop! Keep getting as much rest as you can, but update often!


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