Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Last night Prior gained 5 grams (There are 30 grams in one ounce). This morning the "bottle patrol" came in (a nurse and doctor) and suggested we give the boys a bottle after they eat to try and get them over their hump of not gaining weight. They haven't been losing weight but have just kind of been holding their own. At this point all they have to do is gain some weight and we can all go home!

Here is what Mason thought about his first bottle...

Ben just apologized in advance for most likely forgetting my birthday in a few days. I laughed - I will probably forget my birthday. I am pretty amazed about how quickly the days can go when such little of them are spent sleeping. Grandma Barb stayed with me at the hospital last night so I got a lot more sleep last night so I feel pretty good.

Today is the 17th - the day the boys were scheduled to arrive. I can't believe how far they have come in 11 days. I am also quickly forgetting what life was like before them.

I call Mason "Mr. Maggie Simpson" because the pacifier is so big for him and because he does so well with it.

See - I can yawn too!

Dad - when can I wear whities?

I don't know why everyone thinks these hats are so cute!! I can't see!

Happy Valentine's Day flowers from Grandpa and Grandma Rude. The boys can't have them back here in their room so they sit at the check-in area of the NICU so all the families can enjoy them.

Gus is doing pretty well. Luckily he can spend lots of quality time with is best friend, Tucker, doing some of his favorite things (walks and car rides). Here are two pictures of his adventures this week thanks to Tucker's mom.

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