Monday, February 9, 2009

Dress Up Day

Tonight we were able to get the boys together for a quick picture. It isn't easy because of their cords but it was so neat to have them together. Prior is on the left and Mason is on the right...they look pretty alike I think. Don't they look cute in their hats I made!??

This morning the boys' nurse wanted to see if they could hold their body temperature on their own without the warmer so she dressed them in outfits and wrapped them in blankets. They were able to do so all day long so no more incubator heat - another step towards going home! They are swimming even in the preemie outfits - so tiny!

They also both did great with breathing today. Mason didn't have any issues and he seemed much more calm and relaxed so that was very encouraging.

The next step is eating. Prior continues to eat very well and soon he will not need any feeding tube milk supplements. Mason isn't quite ready to eat on his own yet but I'm sure it will be very soon.

Here is Mason with his eyes open.

Prior all swaddled up.

Mason after a feeding.

Prior taking a little snooze.

1 comment:

  1. Love the photos. The new camera is great. Oh no - how will you tell them apart! Alreay miss them - so fun to see them and their mom who is already a pro in her new role!


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