Saturday, February 28, 2009

Four Generations

This morning the boys got to meet their great-grandma Bea. She's holding Mason Joseph and grandma is holding Prior Benjamin. Great grandma stayed with my aunt for the week in Minneapolis while my mom was here helping me. It was so wonderful to have my mom here to help for the week and I miss her already. The boys are too - they got lots of cuddle time with grandma this week and Ben and I were spoiled with home-cooked meals.

Now just a few hours until the other grandma arrives!

This morning Ben also informed me that he was "getting sick of the clutter". As you can imagine that went over real well....


  1. Are you sure you had twins a few weeks ago?? You look great! Nice to see a picture of the generations. I haven't seen your grandma since the Iowa basketball camp days!

  2. Hey friend! Beth is right - you do look great!! I love pictures showing generations of family too. Hope all is going well - sorry I didn't get a chance to come up this weekend! We'll see how this week goes, but I'll give you a call for sure!

    Also, would Ben prefer "clutter" or "trinkets"? Isn't that the word he uses? I can't remember.


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