Tuesday, February 3, 2009

35 Weeks and counting...

Well - no real change this week (again!). I'm starting to think these boys have inherited their parents' love for warm weather and would prefer to wait until Spring to arrive when it is warmer outside. Unfortunately Spring in Minnesota doesn't arrive until May...and clearly that will not work for mom!

I did manage to gain 7 pounds this week (and I thought 5 was bad). Apparently that's "good calf status". Ben tells me a good calf puts on a pound a day. I definitely feel like a large farm animal so I guess the comparison is fitting. I am actually eating less because there is simply not much room left for food. The only reason I didn't instantly break down in tears after stepping on the scale is that I tell myself that a lot of it is water weight. I can feel the swelling in my fingers (my ring no longer fits) and I feel it in my face - especially around my eyes. My blood pressure is still low though so no signs of preclampsia.

The doctor was really impressed at the results of the growth ultrasound last Thursday and said she would be comfortable moving the c-section date up another week to 37 weeks (February 17th). That is great news. I just have to have an amnio test done on Monday the 16th to make sure the boys' lungs are developed enough. It sounds like twins' lungs are usually developed enough at 37 weeks so hopefully they are (otherwise I'm stuck with the 25th).

Or MAYBE (just maybe) it won't matter because they will decide they want to come a little sooner!!! I was having quite a few contractions on the monitor today that have been continuing so we will see what happens.

Better go...Malinda is on her way over to make us dinner :) She is making a pasta dish and asked if Ben "required" meat in his meals. I told her that it is not Ben's world right now so it didn't matter!!

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