Thursday, January 29, 2009


"WOW" is what we both said when we saw this 3-D picture of Baby B's face. Can you say BEN?!?! Amazing! We didn't get as good of pictures of Baby A's face because he's the one that's down really low.

Baby A weighs 5 pounds 0 ounces and Baby B weighs 5 pounds 1 ounce according to the measurements!!! I still can not believe there is 10 pounds of baby inside me...pretty crazy but great that they are growing so big. Everything looked great. I think we can take back the "preemie" sized clothes. Up until 36 weeks they gain between 1/4 and 1/2 of a pound a week. At 36 weeks it is 1/2 a pound a week. I have a feeling these babies are going to be BIG! I honestly didn't think they would get to 5 pounds so this is great.

Ben said I'm like an "easy-bake oven". "Easy" is not how I'd describe it!!

This was definitely the neatest ultrasound so far (and we have just a few to compare them to). Both babies were opening and closing their eyes, practice breathing, sucking, sticking their tongues out, and making facial expressions. We could even see some indication of hair (peach fuzz) on their heads. It was really neat.

This is the last growth measurement before they are born. I will still go back to my regular doctor weekly for biophysical testing. My next appointment is Tuesday.

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