Friday, February 13, 2009

One Week Old

Prior's echocardiogram came back perfectly normal!!! He did so well during the ultrasound. The little ultrasound probe was so tiny! It took about 40 minutes and he just laid there wide awake and was as calm as could be. They are calling it a 'flow murmur' which is nothing to worry about and once he is no longer anemic it may not even be noticeable.

There were several deliveries yesterday and so they kicked us out of our room. It was probably good - it was time to retire the robe and reenter the real world. We went home in between one of the feedings and it felt good to to be home even though it was only for an hour. I had two gigantic bowls of lucky charms and each bite tasted like a million dollars. After I was done eating the cereal I moved on to something else (I have this appetite you wouldn't believe). Ben reminded me that since I was no longer on bed rest I could "clean up after myself". I then reminded him that I had recently been sliced open at the midsection. He asked "how long I was going to use that excuse for?!". I told him longer than 5 days!!!

It was also great to see Gussie - he was so excited, yet had this look like "Mom - I know things aren't the same". The NICU social worker that stopped by our room earlier this week said 10-20% of Mom's suffer from postpartum depression. I think that percentage for dogs is more like 100% - especially dogs that are spoiled to the level that Gus is.

We do have our own little separate room of the NICU and it is really nice. They actually brought me in a cot so I am able to spend the night with them. This works well because some feedings they are more awake for and others they are not. Last night they did well at the 2:00/3:00 feeding but were too sleepy for the 5:00/6:00 feeding so it worked well because I was there for the earlier one but slept through the later one. It is also nice because I can put my feet up - my ankles and feet are the size of watermelons. Luckily they keep it nice and toasty warm in the NICU because my options are flip-flops or....flip-flops.

The boys are doing great. Mason has taken over as the good eater and he even is fussing a little bit letting me know he's hungry which is great. Prior had a sleepy day yesterday but is eating a little better today. I think it is because of his anemia. Both boys' billirubin scores went down yesterday so they should be in the clear for having to go under the lights. Prior's IV came out yesterday and Mason's comes out tonight by 11:00. It will be very nice to have Mason's out. He ended up with a bad sore on his leg where one of the IV's had been but they are treating it with some medication so hopefully it heals nicely. The doctor had a plastic surgeon look at it and he thought it would heal pretty well but there would be a scar. We were hoping one would have a birthmark and this may be the alternative. They still weigh about the same - last night they were both 5 pounds 7 ounces and some change. Prior is eating around 40ml and Mason around 36ml so they are making progress. Once they hit 54 (two ounces per feeding) we will start the "sliding scale" which means they will only get a supplement (feeding tube feeding) if they don't eat enough from me.

Last night the night nurse who was with the boys also happened to be a lactation consultant so we practiced tandem feeding using the 'football hold' (there is so much to learn). She was pretty hard-core and insistent on mastering the process between about 11:00 pm and 2:00 am. 

I have already called the boys by the wrong name a few dozen times. I can see why growing up my sister and I were frequently called "Car-Kristin" or Kris-Cara" by my mom. There is another set of twin boys in the NICU - their names are Reshaun and Deshaun....I think they may end up being called the wrong name as well...

Unfortunately the camera cord was left at home during the "move" so I don't have any new pictures to post. There are some really good ones on the camera so once I get the cord back tonight I will post some pictures (promise!). I can't believe how much they have changed already. Last night I was too tired to post - and I tried to wean myself off the percocet yesterday and that proved to be a bad idea.

Grandma Barbie and Uncle Brent and Aunt Angie are coming to visit and we are very excited to see them!!

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  1. Hey Kristin! So glad things are going well for you guys. I had C-sections too and I thought I'd get an award for going off pain medication early, but it turns out they don't give any awards, so I'd stay on that if I were you!! Good luck with the tandem'll be a pro in no time I'm sure. I love the Hawkeye picture. Can't believe they make hats that small! Have a great weekend and Valentines Day!


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