Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day 4

Best Buddies - Prior (left) and Mason (right)

Mason is getting the hang of eating - he definitely made progress today which is very encouraging. We are finding that we have to take at least one or two feedings off each day because the boys get tired so easily and if they are too tired they don't eat well. When we do that they sleep through their feedings but are getting mom's milk through their feeding tube. In the beginning we had to make a decision as to whether we would tube feed them or bottle feed them until they were getting enough from me. The doctors and nurses said that if we introduced the bottle instead of tube feeding it would be much more difficult to breastfeed.

Mason and Dad - you can tell how tiny he is in this picture

The boys had their first meal by tube on Saturday - a whopping 5 ml (about a teaspoon). Starting yesterday (Monday) they began increasing the feeding amount by 2 ml every other feeding. Prior did very well and he's currently getting 19 ml each feeding. Mason spit up on Monday afternoon so they held him at 7 ml until today. He's now at 11 ml and is now tolerating the increase so he will continue to go up. The doctor said they need to get up to about 50 ml each feeding before they will be able to go home. 

No more tubes! (PS - we don't know which one this is...)

Mason's bloodwork looked better today so his infection is getting better. 

I was officially discharged from the hospital this evening but they will let me "board" for 3 more nights. I don't receive any nursing care or meals (oh darn) but am able to stay/sleep here which is great so I can be closer to the babes which will equal more sleep and more time with them. I feel a lot better than I thought I would - but I guess I am distracted so that is probably part of it. I am staying ahead of the pain and am exhausted but other than that I feel great.

The boys have been busy! Last night we went down to the NICU for the 11:00 pm feeding and when I got down there I found that each boy had a present for their mommy in their isolette - a little red wrapped box that appeared to be jewelry! I was so surprised! Mason picked out a beautiful diamond ring and Prior picked out a gorgeous diamond necklace. Dad said they liked diamonds better than their birthstone (amethyst). I won't disagree! Dad also recognized that I have been through a lot with these little guys. I told him I forgot about all of the 'trouble' on Friday night as soon as they each let out their first cry. Dad then said "that's what I was afraid of!"

To Mom Love Mason

To Mom Love Prior

Auntie Cara was able to hold Mason today - very exciting! It has been very nice to have her here. She's been a great help here as well as at home with laundry and taking care of our poor neglected dog. It sounds like Gussie isn't overly fond of the blanket she took from the boys. He's anxious for us to get home and focus on him!

My Auntie Cara

Prior is as snug as a bug in a rug...

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