Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mason Joseph Schultes

Here is Mason on Saturday - just one day old. While it is easy to tell them apart in person (they aren't being moved around and their coloring is still different) it is very difficult to do with pictures. To make it easier, Mason has the darker blue blankets and hat and Prior has the lighter blue blankets and hat. As I start to write this post for Mason I am realizing we have more pictures of Prior than Mason.  Bad mom...

This is Mason today, Sunday...two days old. Mason scored higher on his APGAR after birth (8 and 9) where Prior was only 6 and 8 mainly because of his coloring. So I didn't even get to see Prior in the delivery room....only Mason. But since then Prior has been doing better than Mason. Mason is still working on getting the breathing figured out. Unfortunately last night they had to put the oxygen dome back over him for a few hours but he's been doing well since then. We held Mason once last evening and he has had more problems since then but is doing better now. It is amazing how just a little stimulation can wear the little guy out. Today he had some blood work come back that indicated a slight infection so he will be on antibiotics for 5 days. We are hoping that that is why he's a little slower at eating and the breathing. So today I only were able to hold him once and he wasn't ready to start eating.

Well - I better try and get some sleep. The NICU does not have them on the same feeding schedule and we have quickly learned that having them on the same schedule is our only possible
chance at getting anything done in a day other than feeding babies. Thank you to everyone for their emails, calls and text messages. I'm not ignoring you - just trying to recover from surgery and adjust to this new life...and sneak in a little bit of rest. It is all just a tad bit overwhelming. We hope to have visitors once others are able to hold them. I will try to post updates as often as I can.

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