Thursday, February 26, 2009

Settling In

I'm sorry for the delay in posting...once I lost the full-time nurse when we were in the hospital I'm finding I have a little less time on my hands (even with a Grandma here!). Even though we don't have much 'free' time I do feel like we are settling in to a routine.

Today we're getting a big snow storm. I think we'll just stay inside for the day!!!

We have officially retired the "preemie" sized outfits and moved on to the "newborn" size. A little sad! The boys are just too long for the outfits. Last night we put a preemie outfit on Prior and noticed it was barely up on his shoulders because he's so long. We are going to donate them to the NICU at North Memorial so other baby boys can enjoy them. In just a few weeks I can't believe how fast they are growing...

We moved one of the cribs down to our bedroom. The boys are sleeping really well at night. Here are the boys sleeping away in their crib. Notice they are even wearing the same outfit. While we have two of everything at this point it doesn't take long for one of the boys to spit up or pee all over their outfit so they are usually not in the same outfit for very long! In fact last night both boys spit up at the same time and after we cleaned up the bedding and changed their clothes it was time to eat. After they ate just as I was going to head back to bed I realized Gus and thrown up...Good times!

I get a kick out of this picture - the boys (so far) are each very good at sleeping even if the other is awake or crying. Here Prior is not happy and Mason is out cold. Thanks Buff for these adorable onesies!

The boys are awake more and more each day. This morning we got out their new rainforest play mat. They both fit on the mat and hopefully it can stay that way because just one of these things takes up half the available space in our living room so we will not be purchasing two of these!

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  1. Great pictures Kristin! I can't even imagine what you're going through. It's a good thing you had twins right off the bat because if you had experienced only one'd be beside yourself! That's awesome that one can sleep through the other one's screams. That will help out a lot in the future!! Thanks for posting despite having very little free time on your hands:)



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