Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Number 5

34 weeks today!  It seems like there have been quite a few "key" milestones but I am told this is a very big one as well.

Yesterday I posted that there were 5 days left in January and the babies are approaching 5 pounds. I guess 5 is my "lucky" number because that's how many pounds I GAINED this week. Yes - in one week. The doctor said this is the point when most people start to swell...and my fingers are definitely swollen. Probably not 5 pounds worth, but they are swollen. Oh well - it's for a good cause!!

This is my picture outfit.  At 16 weeks I started taking pictures in the same spot in the house with the same outfit every two weeks.  But the t-shirt (which says "my pod has two peas" and has a picture of two peas in a pod) might not have many more weeks left....its starting to get a little short. It will work out well because I'm not sure I have many more weeks left!

Doctor appointment went well.  My blood pressure is still low so she's not concerned with preclampsia yet even though I gained that much weight.  Both boys scored 10/10 on the biophysical test again so that's good.  One is definitely more active than the other so we are anxious to find out if that will be how the are after they are born.  The cervix was about the same.  The only change was that Baby A is even lower than last week, according to what the doctor can feel.  I am not sure how much "lower" he can get without falling out...but we'll see.

Been having a lot more contractions - especially at night. The nights actually seem to take longer than the days. The doctor increased the dosage of the medication so hopefully I can sleep better.

Did you hear about the lady in California that had octuplets? Are you kidding me!? And I think I am uncomfortable. I can't believe how much some of them weighed for there being that many of them. But I can believe how the doctors could have easily thought there were only 7 from the ultrasounds. It gets confusing with just two.

Looking forward to Thursday to find out how big these boys are....and if we're lucky maybe a good 3-D picture of their faces!

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