Thursday, January 22, 2009

Our Au Pair, Tanja

We have very exciting news to share today! We have selected an Au Pair to come live with us for a year and take care of our precious little babies. 

Her name is Tanja and she is from Belgrade, Serbia. She is 22 years old and has experience taking care of babies as young as 3 months old.  We have spoken with her and interviewed her several times via Skype (free online videoconferencing). She is very much looking forward to taking care of twins! Her experience, excitement and enthusiasm are what convinced us that Tanja was a great fit for us.  We also feel like her English skills are strong compared to other candidates we interviewed.

Tanja also loves dogs and has even gotten to meet Gus via Skype. He is very excited that there will be someone home with him during the day.  I've told him she's coming all the way here just to take care of him.

Tanja will arrive in the United States (NYC) on April 6th and will have 3 days of training specific for infants.  On the 9th she'll fly to Minneapolis.  Even if the boys do not arrive until the scheduled c-section date of 2/25 (God help me) this will give Tanja several weeks to get settled and acquainted with our family before I return to work (I plan to take 12 weeks off).

MMC installed the new furnace today, which is a huge relief!! It will be nice to get heat up to the boys' room!

I purchased a digital SLR camera tonight (on-line of course). Many of my friends have convinced me its a "must" for capturing all of those important baby moments.

And that is all that is new. No excitement with the babies, which is great. I am a few days away from being clear of having to be admitted in the hospital (Tuesday is the deadline). Cross your fingers!

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