Wednesday, January 14, 2009

From 'Busy Season' to 'Year-End'

Having spent many years in public accounting dreading the time from January through April (which in more recent years had expanded at least a few months before and after), I was very much looking forward to my first 'year-end close' as opposed to another 'busy season'.  So - here I am in bed buried under binders, paper, pens, pillows, and computers working through my first year-end. Definitely not how I had envisioned it (or how my employer had envisioned it) but it's working...and its keeping me very busy.  It's actually keeping me from doing things that I had expected bed rest to include (Today Show, Oprah, Rachael Ray, Days of our Lives, multiple naps per day, reading magazines, Google-ing ideas for things to Google, Netflix, excessive online shopping, mentally preparing for the impending changes that are about to take place in my life, etc.).  In fact - its even cutting into my nightly shows (such as the Bachelor and Idol)...but fortunately I have DVR to help me with those. Speaking of nightly shows I am very excited that Friday Night Lights starts again on Friday.

I have quite the home office set up here.  My friends that have seen this set-up have told me I have to write about it.  You can't see everything that's on and around the tables/bed so here's a list of some of the items (and yes, that's a card table as the night stand alone wasn't cutting it): tv tray, laptop (two of them), two laptop chargers, cordless phone, cell phone, cell phone charger, iPod, iPod charger, medication, jug of water, three sizes of post-it notes, 2 pens, a calendar, binder clips, numerous "lists", vitamin C drops, lamp, left-over snacks, gum, alarm clock, 10-key, camera, tv remote, kleenex, oversized waste basket, pregnancy books, knitting books, knitting supplies, scissors, chap stick, hand lotion, flowers from Kristi's 30th birthday party, printer/copier/fax machine, work related papers and binders, about 17 pillows that I have to rearrange each time I get up to go to the bathroom, and a dog that's trying to "help".

Had my first dream that the babies were born.  One was a girl and it was named "Dusty Rose Bread".  Yikes.  The fact that one was a girl and it was named a name that I hadn't chosen was when I realized they were someone else's twins. The dream got even stranger...After I had them we couldn't find them - they were either at the Decorah hospital or the Decorah Wal-Mart.  So I was calling around trying to find them.  Did you know Wal-Mart had a hospital/delivery room?  Me either. Believe me - after 42 ultrasounds (I'm not exaggerating) there is very little doubt that they are boys!!  And we do have a reputable hospital in mind as well - sorry Wal-Mart.  

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