Saturday, January 24, 2009


Nothing new with the babies. The contractions are relatively infrequent but the kicks get stronger every day. I am going to be honest....this is getting a little old. "Patient" is not a word I would use to describe myself and I will admit - I'm growing rather impatient. I think it's worse now that the end is near. Each day seems long and the nights seem longer than the days since I'm not sleeping very well.

I really haven't had any cravings - but tonight for some reason a Dairy Queen Oreo blizzard sounded good so I just sent Ben out to get ice cream. The news said it is negative 20 degrees outside with the windchill but he didn't even complain. I think he's smart enough to know this is getting old and is trying to do whatever it takes to keep me happy!

OK, so a sunny picture to cheer me up. This picture is of my FAVORITE sister Cara and I in Phoenix this August. I was traveling to Phoenix for work and I would have been around 10 weeks pregnant. I think it was this trip that I told my boss, Mark, that I was pregnant. We got fantastic massages and spent the day in the sun by the pool. Ahhhhh!!

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