Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Babies' Room

Here are a few pictures of the nursery.  We got lucky - one of the two bedrooms upstairs is BIG so there is room for all the furniture x2.  I designed the stripes and Ben painted - it was a long process but it was REALLY fun.  Luckily we did it early, too, before the holidays and bed rest.  The crib skirts, pillows, and curtain tie-backs are were handmade by Grandma Barb! Ben also put the chair rail up and installed the built-in closet.  As you can see the closet is already full of lots of clothes for the boys!  Everything is ready to go - just need to have Ben wash all the clothes and linens.  Oh - and one more minor thing...we also need to get a new furnace.  Since our bedroom is on the main level we're never upstairs and we've since realized that the furnace isn't strong enough to handle heating/cooling the upstairs very well.  A special thanks to the builder. Thank goodness I know a good mechanical contractor :)  Ben and I joke that we are single-handedly trying to turn this economy around with our spending!  Children get cheaper as they get older, right?!?!

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