Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Hats

Here are the first two finished products from my newly acquired knitting hobby. It doesn't take much these days but I am pretty excited about them! I'll have to pack them in the "hospital" bag. Speaking of that - I started doing some research on what we need to pack and the list sure is long. Luckily I'm an experienced packer, although this list is a bit different than what I'm used to packing for (vacations and other trips to warmer climates). It might be a while before I utilize those skills again. Ben says the next hats need to be a bit more "manly".

Another random thought. (Anyone who watches any TV at all will appreciate this). Maybe it would be special if the boys were born on February 17th? You know - the big transition to DTV? I think there might be more hype related to this transition than there was with the whole "Y2K" fiasco. For someone who has watched quite a bit of TV over the last 12 months it is quite annoying.

Kristi and Jeremy came over this morning and made me breakfast - french toast, sausage, and OJ. Even during busy season! It was delicious and was definitely the highlight of my day - so thanks again! I would say that as a pregnant person on bed rest that meals are the highlight of my day but I'm pretty sure that has always been the case for me.

The increased medicine is helping with the contractions. Only having a few an hour which is to be expected I guess with twins. So - good news!


  1. These hats are gorgeous! They will be adorable on little boys in newborn portraits (in my opinion :) Happy Bed Rest! Chris

  2. i love the hats!!! mind has tried to teach me to knit like three times, i just haven't picked it up yet!! you knit like a pro! keep posting blogs, i love to read them. best of luck, i can't wait till their born! watch out gus, your competition will be here shortly!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love, jennifer "buffy" pratt


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