Monday, January 19, 2009


I'll warn you - there is no theme to this post....just complete randomness! 

I hope that the few of you that get MLK day as a holiday are enjoying it for the rest of those that don't! We always got today as a holiday when I worked in public accounting - but it was a complete joke because we could never actually take it off...we didn't even get Saturdays off in January.  I think offering it as a holiday was a way for the company to make some sort of list like "best places to work".

I am starting week 6 of bed rest - time flies when you're having fun, right???  I wonder how long before the Crystal Target calls wondering what happened to me.

I included this picture because I'm wearing eye make-up. What's the big deal about that you say!? Well - it's the first time in 6 weeks.  And even Ben noticed!  I asked him what about me was different and he noticed (that never happens!). It felt great too - it's amazing what a little eye make-up does for someone.

I feel lucky to have such wonderful family, friends and neighbors that have been spoiling me with lots of yummy food. And for a pregnant person on bed rest, meals are clearly the highlight of my days. Last night John and Sarah came over and made us dinner.  On Saturday Malinda came to visit and brought me my favorite dessert - creme brulee!!  And this was the second Saturday in a row she brought me creme brulee since I ate the ones she brought the week before in just two days.  Last weekend we had delicious lasagna that our neighbor Julie made us, and Barb stocked our freezer when she was here for Christmas with great soups.  Kristi brought us some pre-made "let's dish" meals for the freezer....and some yummy dip for pita chips.  On Saturday I was eating the dip with a bag of pita chips and as I was polishing off the last pita chip crumbs in the bag I thought to myself...."I bet the nutritional information on the back of this bag states there are 3-4 servings in one bag".  So I checked and nope - 6 servings. Oops. I think I felt guilty for about 3 seconds and then had some creme brulee for dessert.

There's an even more emphasis on the "bed" in "bedrest" these days. Last night I showered and moved out to the couch since we had visitors and was only up at the table to eat...but apparently it was enough activity to cause problems. I was up at least every hour last night with contractions. By 3:00 am I started taking twice the medication (5mg verses 2.5mg) and have been doing so since and that has been helping. Poor Ben and Gus didn't get much sleep either (don't you dare feel bad for them!) 

The audit started today at MMC. I must say it is a little bit weird being on the other side of the fence. The Mac computer has been helpful as I am able to instant message and Skype with the audit team to get all of their questions answered. I scheduled the audit about a month earlier than previous years because I wanted to make sure I was around for it (which clearly didn't happen) but now that I'm ready I'm glad I did it early. I had all the files they had requested on a jump drive and on Sunday Ben took it to the office for me. This week and next I have some projects to work on and after those are complete I will have a little bit of a break which might be good timing with these babies.  

I made great progress with the au pair process yesterday and today. Although I must say that I feel a little like my sister, Cara. I get nervous making the calls! I have spoken with a few and am getting a better perspective on what is important and what will be a good fit as well as the differing levels of English skills.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post. I have my weekly doctor appointment at 9:00 Tuesday morning. I think she had today off for the big holiday...

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