Monday, January 26, 2009

5 days left in January...

So I have been feeling guilty about complaining in the last post since I have so many things to be thankful for....I'm not in the hospital, the boys are healthy, I still have a job, Ben still has a job, Minnesota winters (haha), as well as a million other things! But I did have to laugh because after reading the last post both my mom and my sister both said they couldn't believe I had lasted this long without growing impatient!

My friend Beth and her family came over on Saturday and it was really fun to see them. Their girls are so well behaved - hopefully these boys are well behaved like Avery and Madelyn!

On Sunday my mom came up and spent the afternoon with me and brought us lots of food - soup, egg bake, salad, cheesecake, and lasagna. We are so grateful! Luckily I did not get the "I hate leftovers" gene from my Dad. I guess I don't have much of an option, though since the alternative would be starvation. Mom also helped me go through the clothes in the babies room. I feel like we have an excessive amount of clothes and it is very overwhelming but everyone reassures me that it is probably the right amount since there are two. It's just hard to know how big they will be and how long they'll be in each size. Apparently Ben weighed 17 pounds by the time he was 3 months (and entered the world at only 6 pounds). If that's the case they will probably skip a few sizes!

The cabinet guy has started installing the built-ins in the basement and he brought the finished trim along with him. Ben has been working on installing the trim. It looks really nice.  I will have to post pictures once it's done...but the cabinet guy isn't exactly speedy.

I get to leave the house TWICE this week!  Two doctor appointments this week - normal appointment tomorrow with my doctor and then my last appointment at North Memorial with the perinatal specialist on Thursday. They will measure the babies at that appointment. We are hoping by then they are close to 5 pounds each. (We will just ignore the fact that 5 times 2 is 10).

Here are a few older ultrasound pictures. The farther along I get the harder it is to tell what is what - especially since there are two.  These days a picture of a face also includes at least one other hand or foot so the pictures aren't as fun.  Life probably isn't as much fun either since they are so cramped in there!

Baby A's cute little leg at 13 weeks 2 days (9/4/08).

Both little heads side by side at 15 weeks 6 days (9/22/08).

Baby B's "boy part" at 15 weeks 6 days (9/22/08).  It's a picture of his bottom and the boy part is pointing "north".

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