Tuesday, January 20, 2009

33 Weeks!

Another big milestone today...33 weeks!

The doctor appointment went very well - no change to the cervix which is good news. The boys each scored 10/10 on the biophysical test so that's great as well. They are DEFINITELY growing.  The books I have say they're already like 19 inches long....at this point they are just packing on the "L-B's" as Ben says. 

I will keep doing what I'm doing and hoping the boys stay put for a few more weeks.  If I make it until February 10th I will be FREE!  Only 3 more weeks.  No bed rest and no medication.  The thought of those two things was extremely exciting....but the doctor rained on my parade a little bit. She said bed rest or no bed rest I won't feel like doing anything at that point anyway....and if I'm not on medication and I'm having contractions but not real labor the contractions are very irritating. Well, I don't care how miserable I feel - at the very least I will be going to Target! And as far as the false labor goes I'll just hope it turns into real labor very soon.  I'm just a bit of a planner so I really wish I knew exactly when they were coming...

PS - the boys now have matching booties for their hats. Don't look too closely - each one is a little different in size. They have "character". 

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