Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Potty Training

Here's the honest truth with the potty training, as it stands tonight.

The boys are doing very well with going #1. They don't tell you they have to go but if you remind them to to potty every 30 minutes or so we can get by with 0-1 accidents per day. They're still wearing pull-ups during naps and at night. They are wet most times when they wake up. Ok, as I re-read this paragraph maybe "very well" was a little aggressive.

#2 is another story. The are terrified of this potential change. They refuse to go in the potty and, in fact, have no issues whatsoever pooping in their underwear or pants. The only way to get them to "hold" it is to have them naked. If it was August I wouldn't feel guilty telling them they can't wear pants! They know they'll get a diaper at nap time or at bed time so they'll dance around all morning or afternoon holding it in until we put a diaper on them. 

Big sigh!

All of these statistics are, in my opinion, very average (at best). The last thing I want to do is wish time away but  - but I am officially ready to be done with this!

I've tried bribes. I've tried making promises I won't hold up to (I told them they could have 100 chocolate chips if they went poop on the potty. Clearly that won't happen).

In the following video I am handing out chocolate chips when they "try" to poop. Enjoy...

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