Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pond Hockey

There are a lot of ponds in this area. I guess that goes without saying in a state with 10,000 lakes. But when we started looking for a new house I said I would never buy a house with a pond. Well guess what? I now have a house with a pond. 

So I'm choosing to embrace it. As long as it's not much colder than 30 degrees and there's no wind, I'm embracing it. The boys got some hockey gear for Christmas and are loving the pond. As the saying goes..."when in Rome..."

We've put them on skates (and Dad even made stands out of PVC pipe) but they're a long way from being able to skate on their own. (Hence the lack of pictures while on skates). It was pretty funny. So we're focusing on boot hockey for now.

Hopefully they can figure it out on their own, though. Us Iowans know nothing about the sport.


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