Saturday, January 28, 2012

2T - 3T

Boys: some day you'll understand that the reason you spend many days wearing pants that are several inches too short isn't because I don't have the time to buy you new sizes or that I don't notice they are too short.

I just happen to be a sentimental person and the actual transition to the next size is a difficult one! Packing up all of the smaller sizes and moving them to the basement is SAD! I think partly because it's a permanent thing. It's not like we'll be able to pull out those adorable size 12 month matching onesies in a few years and try them on and admire how CUTE you are. Not going to happen. 

I absolutely love watching you grow, learn, and say new things every day....but it's just happening TOO darn fast.


I buy the majority of the boys' clothes at Children's Place. Want to know one of my favorite parts about Children's Place? The size categories include, "newborn", "baby boy", and "boy". And the "baby boy" category goes all the way up to 4T. It makes me feel better that even though I'm buying a larger size for my boys, it's still in the "baby boy" category. (For now...)

(Excuse the mess on the dining room table - another remodeling project is in process!)

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