Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2 for the Price of 1

Most things in life are two for the price of two. In some extra special cases they are two for the price of two hundred.

(Wait - I think Babies R' Us offered a 10% twin discount. Anyway...)

After nearly hitting our out-of-pocket maximum for our health insurance plan in 2011 (ambulance ride, 2 ER trips, ear infections, etc. etc. etc.) I finally got creative.

It goes a little somethin' like this.

2 sick boys?

Appointment for ONE. 


(I usually make the appointment under the 'sicker' boy's name). They are kind of like a package deal. The doctor always looks at the other one anyway!

Listen to me, all self-asserting like I've saved a ton of money. I've probably saved 2-3 co-pays over the last whole entire YEAR. We're talking $40-$60 dollars. But for some reason it feels good in a "winning" sort of way.

Kind of like when you "forget" that you have milk on the bottom rack of your cart at the grocery store and the checker-outer-lady doesn't notice? Yeah, that's how I feel.

[Mom: you'll appreciate knowing the boys inherited my patience when it comes to sitting in a doctor's office waiting for the doctor. Remember all of those knee-related doctor appointments?!]

Despite how terribly sick the boys look in the above pictures, we were able to walk out with one ear infection. I knew exactly which boy and which ear (P's left ear). But thankfully Dr. B checked all four ears. Hopefully we all sleep better tonight.

Good night!

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