Monday, January 16, 2012

Insta-Weekend 1.15.12

Play date at the indoor park with our buddies

Can you tell which mom forgot the swim trunks?

The demo part is so fun!!
Slippers / Earmuffs!

The boys love their shovels. Despite the lack of snow they brought them to the park with Erika and used them to scoop sand. 
Have I ever posted pictures of this?
More forts. This one reminds me of a red tent I had that went on my bunk bed when I was young. 
After 7 years I broke down and paid someone to groom my dog. He's now clean, can see out of his eyes, and no longer looks and smells like a stray dog. It was so worth the money!
Park time with Erika! (I LOVE random picture text updates while I'm at work!)

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