Friday, January 6, 2012

Insta-Weekend 12.31.11 (NYE!)

P's not crying here, but the boys have been asking to see themselves in the mirror when they're crying. Very over dramatic!
Started the new year off with some basement reorganization. Came across this treasure from when I was young. Pretty sure everyone would agree this is pretty awesome!
Applesauce snacks
Our new sticks and helmets
Our buddies!
How mice 2-year-olds eat apples

Little chefs
A fun project with our buddies on NYE
Oops - a swim bag packing snafu meant one boy had to go home shirtless!
Look at our sweet binoculars we made out of toilet paper rolls. We painted them ourselves!
Oh - and the lack of pants is related to our potty training efforts.
Lookin' for birdies
Mr. P - ready for swimming lessons!
Happy Mason. The boys asked me for 5 consecutive mornings when they woke up if it was the day we got to go to swimming lessons.
Lots of train "building"
The tires "need more air" after every 2-3 laps around the basement.
Lovin' up my Mase
A self portrait - by P
"hey Mom - watch this!"
Eatin' goulash
I can't say for sure, but I'm almost certain I haven't been out for many walks on the 31st of December in my lifetime. The boys were equipped with their stroller blankets, Hawkeye hats, and of course...snacks for the road.

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