Monday, January 23, 2012

Insta-Weekend 1.22.12

Our friend, Josie
Skype and a snack!
P-corn party! All for poopin' in the potty
Dinner with our girlfriends!
Our first REAL fire in the new house. Seeing this picture reminds me that the mantle needs some lovin'. Add it to the project list!
Helping make blueberry muffins. Emphasis on the blueberries.

The boys decide most nights at some point that they don't want their diapers on. Would be fine except they will still potty at night. This picture makes me laugh. See Mason's shiner? He fell and bumped his eye on the fireplace. First of many I'm sure.
We got out the LADDER - it was like Christmas morning! We had it hidden and told the boys they forgot to send it with the bed. 
Sunday morning. The boys got up early and went potty. Ben put them back to bed and when I opened my eyes it was NINE TWENTY SIX and the boys were still sleeping. Are you kidding me? That has maybe never happened in the last 35.5 months. It was fantastic!

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