Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Giant Jenga

"As seen in a bar".

Inspired by a game we saw being played in a bar in Chicago, Ben made this giant Jenga set for the boys out of 2x3 boards (thanks for the correction, Dad!). He then cut them into pieces and sanded each one down.

 It's perfect for playing dominos, playing Jenga, and just building things. Dad even let them paint and color on the blocks.

Because the blocks are so big, a tall stack is more tolerant of the not-so-gentle hands of an almost three year old. (Or two of them).

Cool, huh?


  1. I'm going to make Chris do this! I love Jenga! Thanks for the idea!

  2. they're actually 2x3's, not 1x3's


  3. they're actually 2x3 boards, for those that want to make them at home



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