Sunday, March 15, 2009


I hope to use this blog to document all of the "firsts" related to the boys. Well, today I have to document one of my first accomplishments! Shocking, I know, but with the help of Julie and Jenny I did accomplish something today. I cleaned out both of our freezers and took "inventory" of what we have for frozen food and meals. So that list is now on the fridge for when I am trying to decide what we are going to eat. It feels so great to have accomplished something. Now I just need to clean out/organize every other closet, drawer, and cupboard in the house. That won't happen.

We've been busy since I last wrote. I said I was about to have my first two days alone last week. I got lucky. I was alone on Tuesday morning and the boys were a little fussy and both wanted to be held at the same time. Kristi came that afternoon and they were little angels from the time she arrived until she left. On Wednesday Malinda came for the entire day and even made us dinner that night. And then on Thursday aunt Angie arrived and stayed to help until Saturday afternoon. On Friday afternoon Julie and Jenny (college friends) came to visit and help out. They brought along SO much food and I ate SO much food! Julie and Jenny left this afternoon and aunt Cara arrives tomorrow.

They boys are doing really well - growing very fast. I would guestimate that they are around 7 1/2 pounds at this point. They LOVE to be held and if I thought it was possible to spoil a newborn I would definitely say they are spoiled! They are awake more and more each day but I still have not mastered the art of comforting two fussy babies at the same time with only two hands. If anyone has any advice I am open to it!! This afternoon Ben said he is surprised at how little he can get done when he's home (he's trying to get the basement finished). I just stared at him...

I'm slacking at the picture taking. I thought 700 pictures in 5 short weeks was a lot - but I managed to forget to take any pictures with any of the above visitors. I guess they will just have to come back soon. (The 700 is not an exaggeration).

I have to write this down so I don't forget it - I've decided one of my favorite sounds in the whole world is listening to the boys eat (which is drinking at this point) but I absolutely love the sounds they make.

Prior cuddled in the pack-n-play

Mason on the changing pad waiting for his turn in the bath.

Today Prior was looking at himself in the mirror for the first time on his rainforest activity mat. At first I thought it was so neat that he was looking at himself but then I realized he probably thought he was just looking over at his brother...

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  1. Hi Kristin and boys. Beth just gave me your site to follow. WOW. Twin boys, how exciting. I am so glad to hear that they are doing so well. What a cute family!!! Congratulations!!!!!

    Lori (Jennings) Hageman


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