Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pellet Ice

I have been meaning to write about pellet ice ever since our stay in the hospital. Pellet ice might be one of the finer things in life. I have always drank a lot - whether its water or juice or soda (or beer/wine). Growing up my mom could tell you how many cases of frozen cans of orange juice and lemonade we would go through in any given week. Anyway - whatever I'm drinking, I like it really
really cold. Everyone must remember pellet ice. Mabe's Pizza in Decorah, Iowa had pellet ice back in the good 'ol days. In fact by age 7 I am pretty sure I could drink an entire pitcher of Mountain Dew with pellet ice in a matter of minutes. It tasted like a million dollars. It arguably tasted better than Mountain Dew in a glass bottle.

Well, the hospital where the boys were born had pellet ice. Here I thought pellet ice died along with pop in glass bottles. I was wrong!! What a wonderful surprise. I think I drank enough water with pellet ice during those 12 days in the hospital to make up for those lost years. The pellets are small and easily chewable and the liquid is instantly cold making every drink an amazing experience. 

This prompted me to do some quick research on what it could cost to bring this simple pleasure to my own home. Apparently they are not cheap which is maybe why restaurants (like Mabe's) no longer has a pellet ice maker. They appear to be in the $2-5k range. Why is that? What is the secret? Someday when I have time I want to understand this ingenious technology. If the machines had been any smaller I would probably have tried to fit one into one of the 17 bags of stuff we ended up leaving the hospital with. Better yet - maybe one of Ben's Rupiper uncles can figure out how to get their hands on one for me....According to Ben they know how to "find a good deal".

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