Monday, March 30, 2009

New Blankets

Check out our cool new moo-cow blankets! They are part stuffed animal, part blanket, part silky, and super duper soft. Even better they have our names embroidered on them so we don't get them mixed up.

Dad says that Grandpa Denny has real moo-cows and if we are good we get to go see them!!

Do we look BIG? Mom weighed us using the home scale and thinks we are just over 9 pounds! We have now grown out of our "preemie"
and "newborn" sized clothes! Now its on to the big boy sizes..."0-3 month"! Mom thinks that is a little sad but we think it is pretty cool!

For those of you that you that know my mom know that she likes nicknames. We think our dog's name is Gus but the also has about 42 other names so sometimes we're not sure. Anyway, Mom calls us "Starvin Marvin", "Marvy", or "Marvin 1 and Marvin 2" because we LOVE to eat!

Love, Prior & Mason

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