Friday, March 20, 2009


Mason and I in the lazyboy chair. Notice Gus in the background getting into trouble...

Yes these boys are lazy....but the topic of this post is actually lazyboy chairs...and more specifically my Grandma's lazyboy chair.

I officially take back everything bad I've ever said and thought about lazyboy chairs. It wasn't their comfort that I ever took into question but more importantly their sense of style. I have always thought...bedroom furniture is for sleeping - not livingroom furniture. If you're that tired why not just go to bed?

I now know the answer to that question. When I was pregnant and on bed rest my dad brought up my grandma's old forest green lazyboy chair. It is worn in, a little creaky, and may actually have some drool stains from when she would fall asleep watching Days of our Lives or a Danielle O'Donnell special taped on VHS.  I miss Grandma (sigh)...Nonetheless - the chair is very comfortable. It allowed me short 'vacations' from my bed because I could lie nearly flat in the chair. It is the sole reason Christmas 2008 wasn't spent in bed. 

After the boys were born the chair was quickly retired to another room in the house with all intentions to go back to Decorah asap. It was replaced by a much more stylish rocking chair and ottoman for feeding the boys. This "stylish" rocking chair does NOT recline and does not even lean back to allow for a few miracle minutes of shut-eye. Why wouldn't rocking chairs do that?!

About 3:00 am a few nights ago my Grandma's green chair was brought back into the livingroom and the stylish chair was pushed to the side. (If I had had the energy I would have pushed it off the deck). The lazyboy chair is now the most desired piece of furniture in the house. Even beats out the bed. The bed is almost like a tease - it is SO comfortable. But babies aren't allowed in the bed. I have had numerous dreams (keep your psychiatric comments to yourself) where I wake up and am paranoid that I brought one of the babies into bed and had fallen asleep and the baby was somewhere under the covers. Anyway - Grandma's chair now allows me to hold a baby that doesn't want to be in his crib and even rest my eyes.

Just like how comfort takes over for fashion in the second half of pregnancy the same holds true for maternity leave. Ben - I promise not to "let myself go"....except maybe as it relates to interior decorating.

PS - here are a few pictures of the boys with their pluggers. Prior is first...Mason second.

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  1. That is hilarious that the green chair is the best piece of furniture you own! I often wonder in the middle of the night why our glider doesn't recline either. Maybe an business venture we could pursue?? Have a good weekend!



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