Monday, March 9, 2009

Reality is upon us...

Today was a sad day...Grandma Barb and Auntie Gina left us. Gina came up on Saturday night to see the boys, help out and also to take Grandma Barb back home (she had been here for 10 days). We had so much fun and they were so much help! Last night I even got to sleep through my first feeding so that was exciting. I'm not sure I can say I feel any more 'rested' but it was very nice! The boys are also making it four hours in between feedings on occasion.

Help has only been gone a few hours and it seems like the boys are fussier at the same time now where they never were when we had help! Now it's about dinner time and Ben and I are looking at each other wondering who is going to make us dinner?! While we have lots of leftovers and frozen food it doesn't appear that it is going to warm itself up! On top of that...tomorrow will be my first full day alone. Reality is here (at least for two days). On Wednesday night aunt Angie is coming and on Monday aunt Cara is coming.

Today we went back to Dr. VanBeek with Mason for his weekly check-up on his leg. The doctor said it is improving and healing. Later this afternoon we had a home care nurse come to our house to give the boys their first shot of "Synagis" for RSV. RSV is a severe cold and is the number one reason for hospitalization for babies. RSV is serious for full term babies and even more serious for premature babies. Synagis is a very expensive antibody shot that is given to premature babies because their lungs and immune system are underdeveloped. The shots are given monthly during RSV season (October - April) so the boys got a shot today and they'll get another one in April. The nurse comes to the house so the boys don't have to go out and get exposed to germs! The nurse weighed the boys. Prior weighed in at 6 pounds 14 ounces and Mason weighed in at 6 pounds 13 ounces. For the first time Prior out-weighed his younger brother! The boys did very well during the shots (and so did I)! At this point I am very comfortable around needles...

Here are the official "one month" pictures of the boys. We purchased some overalls for the boys in size 12 months and plan to take their picture in them each month until they grow into them. It was pretty funny to see them in the overalls now since they are so small! Thanks to Beth H. for the idea :)



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  1. I love this picture idea! They are beautiful boys. Can I say that? Handsome, I guess :) I wish I had done that for Gabby. Too late now. Oh well, maybe next time :) I hope you, Ben and the boys are doing well :)



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