Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Insta-Weekend 12.4.11

Every day is more and more fun with these two.

Mason declared our Christmas tree as "the most beautiful tree ever!" I couldn't have agreed more, but my reference point is a bit broader than his. This is his third tree. 

Strawberry MILK!
Every time they blow bubbles through a straw they talk about Kennedy and Alli, the inventors of bubble blowing!
 They've also been into pretending lately. One pretends to be Kennedy, one pretends to be Alli, and then they tell Erika she's Brent. Or one is Grandpa Denny and one is Grandma Barbie and then Erika is Jake. Or one is Grandma Julie and one is Great-Grandma. The funny part is that when they're "in costume" they are the first to correct you. "I'm not Prior, I'm Kennedy!".
Awwww - look what the boys made for us?
They made them the day before our anniversary. Erika hid them in the closet and it was so cute. The SECOND I walked in the door from work on that day before, they immediately told me about the cards. They couldn't wait - so darn cute. 
Here's another example of that "mirror image" thing. Mr. Lefty (P) is on the right. Mr. Righty (M) on the left.
Getting fitted for skates. We have NOT committed we were simply trying them on for size. We got in the car and the boys asked, "Where my skates at!?" I guess we'll have to add them to our Santa list. The funny part was when they told Erika about trying them on the boys said: "Hey Erika, how do you say SKATE in Spanish?!" So funny!

Hiding and playing in these cupboards reminds me of how FUN that kind of stuff was when I was a kid.

This is when you know it's time for bed

At some point everyone will get sick of these pictures scooping snow. I have a feeling there will be a lot of them.
The boys think they need a snowblower too.
Mr. Important.
"Mom - I need to make a phone call" or "Mom - I need to work on the computer"
Each time I take them to the office I'm reminded why it's not a good idea. 
Any time it's quiet, I know there's trouble. Here they dug in my purse and took all of my credit cards out of my wallet. One was shoving them into this toy tow truck. The other was pretending to trade them. I heard him say: "Do your want Bat Man or Spider Man?" What he meant was, "Do you want Costco, Ann Taylor, or Visa?" 
They were on a roll on Sunday. Grabbed a bag of bread off the counter and dumped it out on the floor. Then played with the slices by making stacks and piles. 
Mason pretending to flip pancakes out of post-its, a spatula, and a cooling rack
After scooping snow I asked the boys if they wanted hot chocolate. They said "what's hot chocolate?" That's when I realized I'm not a very fun mom!
We really work on our manners on the weekends.
A super fun birthday party for our twin friends, Ben and Will at an indoor park. It was sweet!

The indoor park even had a splash pad!

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